Saturday, January 3, 2015

Chapter 14-Mission in Passaic

I bet you thought that I as all done being that I went through all 13 shows. Nope! In chapter 14 he talks about his first 2 JGB shows, the first from the Capitol Theatre in Passaic, NJ HERE, and the EARLY and LATE show from the Palladium in New York City. Honestly, his first gig is not the best quality but it's the only source I found right now.
For this gig Jerry and Kahn would have played with Julie Stafford and Liz Stires on vocals, Ron Tutt on drums and Melvin and Jimmy Warren on keys.
Once I go through shows mentioned in the book, I do plan on posting JGB shows that happen to appear. I currently have the first one up my sleeve.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Chapter 12-From 1981, February 5th & August 20th

The first show of Chapter 12 is from Lehigh University and an AUD can be downloaded HERE. At this gig Garcia, Kahn and Seals were joined by Jimmy Warren on keys and Daoud Shaw on drums. Jerry played the Tiger for both of these shows. 
The second show of this chapter is from the Keystone in Berkeley. The line-up for this show is the same as Lehigh but they were joined by vocalist Essra Mohawk and Liz Stires. There were two partial transfers of this show, one was the complete first set plus two songs of the second while the other was missing the first two songs of the show. So I did the full sets from each source so this is complete show HERE

Chapter 11-December 13, 1981

Download these good AUD of the EARLY and LATE shows from Kean College. There are two issues with recording, two songs fade out before the band does. Don't Let Go and Midnight Moonlight cut out before the song concludes. Jerry and the Tiger play with Kahn, Seals, and Errico. The background vocalist are Dee Dee Dickson and Jacklyn Labranch. 

Chapter 10-June 30, 1972

This version of Garcia, Saunders, Kahn, and Vitt, also featured Tom Fogerty. This show took place 13 days after the final Pigpen gig with the Grateful Dead, even though he wasn't strong enough to sing a tune. So it is pretty fitting that Jerry was playing the Alligator. Download the soundboard for this gig HERE.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Chapter 9-July 24, 1980

This version of JGB featured the foursome of Garcia, Kahn, Ozzie Ahlers and Gregg Errico. The AUD of the show can be downloaded HERE and the Tiger would have been the ax of choice.

Chapter 8-Fifth day of May 1982

Above is a picture at the April 10th show, which is referenced in the book as the only Jerry Garcia solo show post-1962. The guitar that Garcia played with Kahn on 5/5 was probably a Takamine. He used a Martin back in the 70's, then busted out the Takamine for the acoustic 1980 shows. This era is a little foggy but it looks like similar to that same Takamine. Download the soundboard of the Oregon State Penitentiary show HERE.
Enjoy Diego

Chapter 7- May 31, 1983

Download what might be the best sounding AUD of these shows so far HERE. And for extra credit HERE is the following night that is mentioned in the chapter. This version of JGB features Jerry and Kahn with Melvin Seals, Gregg Errico and vocalist Dee Dee Dickerson and Jaclyn LaBranch. The Tiger was the guitar of choice for this show.